How Do I Know It Works?

All SmarTrack Security Staff are BS7858 Approved Police Liaisons

When your TRI Approved SmarTrack Installation engineer installs your tracking system of choice, he or she will call the SmarTrack Commissioning desk which is open 24hours to verify the Live position of your Vehicle.

At this time our own Secure Control Centre staff will check all the telemetry (Telemetrics) provided by the live device data trak and confirm FULL operation of the SmarTrack tracker. The telemetry will include Battery voltage, battery back/up voltage, Ignition key position (on or off) temperature and its GPS tracker horizon position so we can retrieve your vehicle in the event of theft.

Any device from our current product range has the capabilities of calling locations to our Mobile device App. The Global Telemetrics App is available for Apple and Android devices. If you would like to download the app or would like further information please click here.

This private network sits within Vodafone, O2 and Orange GSM infrastructure, ensuring the best possible coverage.

Benefits include greater resilience, superior security through improved encryption and faster connections owing to less network traffic.

All data calls into the private network via GRPS packet data and is posted within a secure area cloud based rack space server tracker network centre in Canary Warf and backed up in the US data centre's.

This encrypted GPS tracking system data is then formulated into readable form via our consumer facing Google Premium web platforms making it interactive and intuitive for all.

We hope you like our tracking systems and GPS vehicle tracking web sites. We hope you like tracking my car as part of your daily life making it that bit easier.

Data will be stored for up to 10 years for legal reasons and is protected in line with the data protection act of 1998.

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  • Manufactured and monitored in Great Britain
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