Installation Procedure

Tracking box cables and socket

How do I get a SmarTrack Installed?

We offer a full UK, Ireland, Isle of White and Channel Island (Jersey) installation service using a network of over 1000 Fully Trained, qualified and experienced companies who you can trust to fit to full TRI Thatcham TQA CAT5 and CAT6 standard.

They can offer a mobile service at your home, place of work and car dealership prior to taking delivery, or alternatively you can take your vehicle to one of the local approved Installation centres, relax and have a coffee while having your SmarTrack Tracker fitted.

How do I get a copy of a TRI certificate if my Insurer demands it?

You may not need this additional TRI certificate, we supply a standard proof of fitting and subscription certificate included into every Thatcham approved tracker we supply. We can also offer the additional TRI type of certificate online for a fee of £10 plus vat once our tracker is fitted and made live.

How do I know it works?

When your Approved SmarTrack engineer installs your system of choice, he or she will call the Global Telemetrics Commissioning desk to verify a LIVE position using Google Premium Mapping of your Vehicle tracking system. At this time the Secure Control room staff check all the telemetry (or Telemetrics) provided by the live device and confirm FULL operation of the SmarTrack tracker. The telemetry will include Battery voltage, battery back/up voltage, Ignition key position (on or off) temperature and its GPS horizon position so we can tracker retrieve it in the event of theft.

When do I pay for the system?

You can pay for your system after it is fitted and commissioned, your approved Installer will give you an Installation form (proof of fitting) this will include your subscription details.

When do I pay for my 24 hour Monitoring Subscription?

Your Subscription is due as soon as Installation has taken place, however this may not be possible due to having your Installation at your car dealership. In this case we will expect your payment by the day of delivery to ensure you are fully covered for insurance purpose.

Who do I pay my Subscription too?

SmarTrack Ltd. A member of staff will only be too happy to take your subscription payment after fitting. This will enable the Secure Control room staff to monitor your vehicle 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. In the event of a theft the Secure Control room staff will Track, liaise with the Police and retrieve your vehicle with in the GSM network available.

We will then send you a Thatcham TQA certificate that proves the tracking device installation and that all the Monitoring fees are paid. You will also receive a Customer card and user guide with an emergency telephone number. Please call this number in a theft only situation and we will take over and liaise with the Police for a fast response to your call.

Can I keep my SmarTrack system when I change my vehicle?

Yes, why loose a perfectly good tracking device every time you change your car. This makes buying a SmarTrack far better financial sense long term as the device has long term reliability as standard.

Please speak to your Installing dealer and they will be only too happy to remove and refit it for you (labour cost will be applicable). If you subscribe annually you will not lose any subscription as this simply rolls over to your new vehicle, the Approved SmarTrack dealer will/must re-commission the unit and provide new vehicle details. New documentation will be sent for your records.

Warranty for 3 years

Your device is covered with a no quibble 3 year parts and labour guarantee, if any fault appears with in 3 years we will repair of replace it free of any charges what so ever. We will call you in 3 years and offer an extended parts and labour warranty (again no quibble) for a small fee of £70 plus VAT for a new 3 year period. We can re-guarantee the unit up to a maximum of 12 years from date of purchase from new. Annual warranty is available at £30 plus vat.

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