Agricultural Vehicle Tracking

This is a new era in Agricultural Tracking!

SmarTrack have developed new and innovative products to aid the tracking of Tractors, Combines, Ride on mowers, Horse Boxes and more with a battery power supply.

SmarTrack using the Internet is the pioneer of this new tracking era so you the customer can benefit the peace of mind that your Asset is closely monitored.

Monitoring your Asset has never been so easy, you can log on...fix a Geo-fence around your land and if it moves out of it you will be alerted to the fact! This is ideal for the Land owner who needs to know that his assets do not leave the geo-fenced area. It will also tell you its position every 2 hours and every 1 to 2 minutes while moving!

SmarTrack can also monitor your Asset if you wish with its Secure Control Centre this operates 24 hours a day, and 365 days of the year. SmarTrack has highly trained and experienced Staff who will call you in the event of a movement alert, battery disconnect and generate a low battery text via its server to your mobile phone...Now that's SmarT. If it gets stolen, SmarTrack's response time is second to none and will endeavour to retrieve your asset with the Police in the least possible time.

These systems can be set up to show 1 minute positions while moving, showing speed, start and stop times ect. This is ideal if you want to see all your assets at any time all on your own local map.

There is no job to small or to big for SmarTrack...Protect your asset and have a SmarTrack Real Time Vehicle Tracking fitted.

Don't forget...all SmarTrack trackers can be moved from asset to asset making them the ultimate long term purchase and great value for money.

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